Dol Ashram in Almora

Developed as a center of yoga and meditation practices, Shri Kalyanika Himalaya Devasthanam also known as ‘Dol Ashram’ is situated in a small village called Kanara – Dol which is in Almora District of Uttrakhand (Northern India). Dol Ashram is located in the serene location of Almora amidst the lush green trees and vegetation. Ashram is the perfect place for everyone who wants to meditate and lead a spritual life. The Ashram in Almora that sits in the lap of the Himalayas, is focused on teaching the Vedic methodology that is critical and imperative for living a balanced and healthy life. The Ashram welcomes every spiritual seeker with open arms.

History of Dol Ashram

Dol Ashram is the spritual dream of Shri Parma Yogi Kalyandasjiwho was born in small villgae of Almora District of Uttarakhand. He left home inspired by a series of divine events at the tender age of 12 and started his spiritual voyage. He submitted himself at the holy feet of his revered Guru Paramhansa Baba Swaroop Das ji and from there he started the spritual life with yoga and meditation. For more than 20 years he meditated in the laps of Himalayas and Orissa. With the ultimate goal to educate and uplift spiritual lives of people, Babaji decided to start with laying the foundations of Shree Kalyan Sewa Ashram in the year 1978 in Amarkantak, the birth place of the holy river Narmada and a home to many tribes.

With the inspiration of the holy mother Narmada Babaji established Shree Kalyan Seva Ashram at Amarkantak and Shree Kalyanika Himalaya Devasthanam at Almora, Himalayas and Ranopali Udasin Ashram , Ayodhya. Dol Ashram in Almora is a newly started ashram in lush green lap of Himalayas which is a bliss for everyone who wants to start a peaceful life in such hectic and busy lifestyle.

Daily Schedule of the Dol Ashram

The Ashram follows a routine which kills the greatest barrier to the spiritual life which is ‘laziness’ (आलस). The Ashram routine also inculcates the spiritual and moral values which transform you into a superhuman. The nishkam karma yoga proposed by Lord Krishna works as an inspiration to all of the residents of the Ashram.

4.00 am Wake up
5.15 am Aarati
5.30 am Yoga classes
6.30 am Breakfast
7.30 am Geeta patha, Vishnu sahasranaam
8.00 am Self study in library
10.30 am Lunch
11.30 am Sewa karya
2.00 pm Tea
4.30 pm Gardening
5.30 pm Aarti
6.00 pm Dinner
7.00 pm Naam sankirtan (chanting & discourses)
8.30 pm Deep visarjan (time to sleep)

Activities in Kalyani Dol Ashram

The Dol Ashram takes you on a spiritual journey where you can experience the life based on the principles of Yoga and Vedanta. The Ashram follows a routine which kills the greatest barrier to the spiritual life which is ‘laziness’ (आलस). Modern lifestyle has brought out many physical and mental problems such as Stress, restlessness, depression, obesity, etc. and these conditions can easily be fixed by just changing the sedentary lifestyle which we are habituated to.

All the courses related to Yoga and Vedanta are purely based on the Master Swami Sivananda’s spiritual vision and the teaching programmes are well-developed by HIS disciple named Sri Swami Vishnudevananda. Within their yoga training, Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham related courses will immerse the student or participants. It largely gives them a solid foundation in personal and professional development, the courses are offered will directly explore Vedanta philosophy and Yoga, yoga asana, Sanskrit, anatomy, meditation and physiology while in the best manner delivering practical experience related to how to wholeheartedly share the knowledge of yogic manner of living with others to a great extent.

As we all are facing these issues in our daily life, so we all should visit this or the similar Ashrams on a regular basis to get some relief from our stressful life.

Facilities in Dol Ashram

Accomodation: Dol Ashram provides lodging and food facilities to the seekers and visitors who want to take part in the Ashram activities. The Ashram provides double bedded fully furnished rooms with hot water facility. The Ashram has an in house mess with a capacity of 120 people.
Library: Shree Chandracharya Library was established in the year 1997. The Library has a collection of over ten thousand books covering topics on spirituality and various other subjects. It not only serves the educational purpose of the students residing in the Ashram but also benefits the visitors and seekers. It has a unique collection of all the four Vedas along with the commentaries.

Meditation Hall: Himalayas serene environment helps a seeker in his quest of realizing the ultimate. Keeping that in mind a meditation hall with a capacity of around 300 people was built in the year 2006 to practice the meditative technique- Dhyana Praweshika – an ancient meditative technique evolved during years of penance and sadhana by Pujya Babaji. Snow clad Himalayan Mountain range is clearly visible from the hall which makes the experience worthwhile.

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